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SSI Specialty Courses

SSI Deep Diving

This is a 2 day course designed to give you the knowledge to safely make non-decompression dives to a maximum depth of 40 metres.

In many places throughout the world there are hidden wrecks at depths most Open Water divers cannot reach and with this course you will give yourself more options of future exploration.

2 days – 269€

SSI Wreck Diving

This is an introduction to wrecks and how to navigate outside the wreck and learning to see the possible hazards involved.

After this course you have the option of up-grading to the Advanced Wreck Diving course.

1 day – 159€

SSI Advanced Wreck Diving

This course can be taken to also include the Wreck Diving course beforehand (2 days) or as an up-grade (1 day).

During this course you will learn how to lay lines and safely use equipment to penetrate a wreck safely.

full course (2 days) – 239€

upgrade from Wreck Diver (1 day) – 159€

SSI Search & Recovery

Ever lost something in the water?

During this course you will learn how to use different search patterns, looking for small and large objects over different underwater terrain and then safely bringing the object to the surface using a lift bag.

1 day – 159€

SSI Night & Limited Visibility

At night, in our oceans different creatures come to life and we can experience a totally different dive experience.

In this course you will also learn some more navigation techniques and signals we use in the

2 nights – 179€

SSI Perfect Buoyancy

We all want to be that diver that seems to float mid water with no effort.

Using different techniques we start to show you the tips and tricks to perfect your buoyancy.

1 day – 159€

SSI Photo & Video

Capturing those moments underwater for your memories is something we all want.

The photo and video course teaches you the best camera settings and positions to capture that perfect shot.

1 day – 159€

SSI Enriched Air Nitrox

Nitrox, as its commonly called, is using enriched air to allow you more dive time before reaching your decompression limits.

Widely used around the world this course is highly recommended for those looking to travel.

1 day – 109€

1 day with dive – 169€

SSI Dry Suit Diving

This course is perfect for those that tend to get a bit cold in the water or those that wish to dive in colder areas of the world.

Using the dry suit requires a little bit of practice and with our instructors’ guidance you will see the huge benefits of diving dry.

1 day – 179€

SSI Navigation

Being able to navigate underwater correctly is a great tool when exploring new areas and dive sites.

During the course you will use the compass to guide yourself whilst also learning how to measure distance under the water.

1 day – 159€

SSI Scooter/DPV Diving

The fun way to dive.

The DPV is an underwater scooter that can get you to further afield dive areas or if you just fancy a relaxing dive around the dive site.

1 day – 179€

SSI Decompression Diving

This is an excellent course for those who enjoy the deep.

In this course we teach you to make dives to 40 metres and entering decompression for a maximum of 15 minutes, using a stage tank and a perfect dive plan.

The extra knowledge you gain in decompression
theory is also invaluable for future deep dives.

2 days – 269€

SSI Independent Diving

Ideal for people who enjoy photography or for other reasons we sometimes wish to dive alone.

This course will teach you safe diving practices and how to use redundant equipment to safely plan a solo dive.

2 days – 269€

SSI Marine Ecology

For those of us interested in the marine life we have the marine ecology course.

Learn to identify different species and their habitats.

Only self e-learning – 59€

2 dives inclusive (1 day + 1 night) – 159€

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