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Snorkeling trips in Tenerife

snorkel tenerife canary islands

Discover the beautiful sealife of Tenerife with Medanodive by joining us on one of our snorkelling trips.

Abades being one of the most famous beaches for snorkellers and Scuba divers alike due to its amazing reefs and flat calm conditions make it an excellent choice for people who just want a relaxing and unforgettable day.

¿What is snorkeling?

Snorkeling is a way of exploring under the water without the use of SCUBA equipment. using a mask, a snorkel and commonly fins and/or boots. Depending on the water temperature it may be necessary to wear a wetsuit.

The aim of snorkeling in Tenerife is to have the opportunity to contemplate the Canarian underwater life effortlessly in a natural environment, without the need to carry complicated equipment or have specific training in diving. Snorkeling is considered more a leisure activity than a sport in itself.

The best snorkeling spots in South Tenerife

Many tourists who come to the island wonder where to snorkel in Tenerife since they do not know the area. On the isle of Tenerife in the Canary Islands we have a lot of beaches and hidden coves where you will be amazed by the life that is in its volcanic rock reefs and its sands.

At MedanoDive we do snorkeling trips to all these sites . Would you like to come snorkeling in Tenerife with us?

1. Snorkel with turtles in Abades

Diving with turtles in Abades

In Tenerife we are lucky to have a place to snorkel and see turtles living free in their habitat. This place is called Abades, a small village only 20 minutes drive from El Médano. Small white single-family houses and a small square by the sea with some restaurants and several shops form this beautiful village of Tenerife. It also has a large beach and in the distance you can see a beautiful red and white grated lighthouse.

In its waters there are several reefs of volcanic rock surrounded by sand and sea grass. Apart from turtles, it is common to see  Ornate wrasse, Damselfish, Parrotfish , trumpet fish, Cow Bream, amongst others. On a lucky day we can see some mutt, cuttlefish or octopus. For us, this is one of the best places to snorkel since it has good conditions almost all year round, it is easily accessible and its bottoms are shallow and full of life.

Abades being one of the most famous beaches for snorkellers and Scuba divers alike due to its amazing reefs and flat calm conditions make it an excellent choice for people who just want a relaxing and unforgettable day.

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2. Snorkel in Montaña Amarilla

This area is called Yellow Mountain because it is located at the foot of a volcano with the same name. There is an area for sun-bathing and relaxing.

Its turquoise waters have great visibility and a lot of life. The bottom is very peculiar because it was formed by volcanic rock and this in turn makes it appear as a lunar landscape.

In the area you can observe ornate wrasse, Damselfish, parrotfish, schools of needlefish and small barracuda. In the rocks you can see large yellow sponges.

3. Snorkel in El Médano

On a tranquil day and with a high tide their is an opportunity to snorkel next to the pier in El Medano where you can observe some of the small fish moving around the small house reef.

4. Snorkeling in the natural pools of Los Abrigos

Only 10 minutes from El Medano we can enjoy some pools created by volcanic lava. There are two areas where you can snorkel:

  • The first is a small rocky cove loaded with marine life. The walls of volcanic rock have very capricious shapes and seem to have been sculpted by man.
  • The second is the natural pools that communicate with the sea through a large tunnel.
  • It is typical to see octopuses and cuttlefish apart from the characteristic fish of Tenerife.

To be able to snorkeling safely in this place, the conditions have to be optimal: no wind or sea bottom.

Try Dive in Tenerife

No pierdas la oportunidad de probar el buceo de verdad.

Snorkeling with children in Tenerife

Snorkeling is a perfect sport to practice with your family when you are on vacation. The minimum age for diving is 10 years, so it is an excellent way to introduce the little ones to this world and teach them what is under the sea.

At Medanodive we have equipment suitable for the younger explorers, and we can also provide a float for those who do not feel very safe in the water..

Snorkeling tours at Medanodive

☞ First meeting

We meet at 8:30 am at Medanodive Dive Center

🚐 Going to the beach

We go to our snorkel site by van, with the equipment and material that we provide you in the dive centre

📝 Small briefing

Little talk where we explain the basics of safe diving

💦 ¡Let’s go to the water!

We dive together for about 45 minutes enjoying the underwater world of Tenerife

😃 Back to MedanoDive centre

We return to El Médano after an unforgettable experience 🙂

If we are going to snorkel from a beach or a cove, we will equip ourselves in the parking lot and then walk to the shore.
If we do it from a boat, we will get on it and enjoy the ride until we get to the place of the activity.

This is an indicative description and there can always be small changes if necessary to suit your needs.

What kind of snorkeling tours we offer

At Medanodive we offer 4 types of snorkeling tours to satisfy the needs of all users:

1. 1 Snorkel Trip from the beach

On this excursion we go to one of the magnificent beaches or coves of Tenerife and enjoy a 45 minute snorkeling session. This tour is usually from 8:30 to 11:30.

2. 2 Snorkel Trips from the beach

This option is for those who like to be in the water for a longer period. There are two 45-minute sessions with a 30-minute break in between where different areas of the site will be explored. This excursion is usually from 8:30 to 13:00.

3. 1 Snorkel Trip by boat

In this tour we take a boat ride to one of our further afield sites.. This excursion is usually from 8:00 to 12:00.

4. 2 Snorkel Trips in a boat

Same as above, but two tours at two different points on the island. This tour is usually from 8:00 to 14:00.

What equipment do we use for snorkeling in Tenerife

For the snorkeling trip we will use the following equipment:

  • Diving mask: will allow us to see underwater
  • Snorkel: it will allow us to breathe while keeping our head in the water
  • Wetsuit : This keeps us warm and helps us float on the surface of the water.
  • Boots: necessary to use the adjustable fins
  • Fins: for easier swimming
  • Float (optional): for anybody who feels a little more comfortable with a helping hand.
  • Weight belt (optional): for people who have some knowledge of snorkelling and want to dive a little while we enjoy the excursion.

Snorkeling trips prices on Tenerife with Medanodive

1 snorkel trip from beach€35
2 snorkel trips in a day from the beach€55
1 snorkel trip in a boat€45
2 snorkel trip in a boat€75

Why choose Medanodive for snorkeling in Tenerife

There are many reasons to choose us when booking your snorkel tour:

  • We take the safety and well-being of our customers very seriously. For this reason we always have small groups to keep everyone under control and to be able to meet all requirements.
  • You won’t have to worry about where the place is or how to get there. We take care of the transport.
  • We also have a great knowledge of the areas and the fauna where we snorkel and we will show you the best places with more life, as well as explain you the behaviour of the marine fauna that inhabits the area.
  • You won’t have to worry about buying snorkeling equipment either. We will leave you a complete set of excellent quality equipment (also for children).
  • Finally, it is important to have some basic knowledge and be able to recognize dangers such as currents. Before going into the water, we always give a briefing out of the water explaining how to use the equipment and basic safety rules so that everyone is prepared.

Contact us to start snorkeling!

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