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Dive Tenerife with Medano dive centre

Tenerife scuba diving prices 2021

This is Medanodive’s Diving Tenerife price list. If you don’t find what you are looking for or want a customized dive program, just call us, send us an email or a Whatsapp and we can arrange a program that suits you.

Please note: all bookings require a 20% deposit

Diving packages

The dive packages are for individual certified divers.. The packages cannot be shared between mu;tiple divers.

Nº of DivesPrices
1 dive€ 50
2 dives€ 80
4 dives € 145
6 dives € 200
8 dives € 245
10 dives€ 290
Night dive€ 60
Boat dive+ € 10 per dive

Important: Spanish law states that all certified divers must have their own diving insurance. If you don’t have this, we can provide you with one on a daily or weekly basis.

Try dive Prices

For people who want to experience the beauty of the underwater world, we have two different options available to you. If you would like to know more about it, you can check our post “Diving for begginers in Tenerife“.

Try dive (1 dive)€ 60
PADI Discover Scuba Diving/Basic Diver SSI (2 dives)€ 90

Tenerife PADI & SSI diving courses price list

Here at Medanodive we teach all the PADI courses up to and including Divemaster.

PADI Discover Scuba Diving/Basic Diver SSI (2 dives) € 90
Scuba review / Scuba Skill Update (2 dives) € 90
PADI & SSI Scuba Diver (2 days) € 240
PADI & SSI Open Water Diver (3 or 4 days) € 395
PADI Adventure Diver (1 or 2 days) € 220
PADI Advanced Diver / Advanced Adventurer SSI (2 days) € 295
PADI Rescue Diver/ Stress & Rescue SSI (2 or 3 days) € 295
EFR Primary and Secondary Care/ (½ day) € 110
PADI & SSI Divemaster Internship + accomodation in Aloe Vera chalet in 8-bed dormitory room (3 months)See PADI Divemaster under PADI courses for prices.

See all info in PADI Courses Tenerife.

Diving and accommodation prices in Tenerife

We always try to make life easier for our clients, so that’s why we have now started to help organise accommodation for you in a range of apartments. Contact us for all the information.

Tenerife Scuba Diving offers

Like in any other business on the island, we have some discounts available to the people who want to join us in diving.

Offers for groups of 2 or more people

1 snorkel session€ 25
2 snorkel sessions€ 45
PADI Scuba Diver€ 220
PADI Open Water Diver€ 370
PADI Advance Open Water Diver€ 270

Offers for residents

Try Dive for 2 people€ 40
PADI Discover Scuba Diving € 70
PADI Open Water Diver € 300
PADI Advance Diver € 200
The PADI & SSI Open Water Diver course has a price of 300 € ? per person for residents provided there is a minimum of 2 people, being necessary to provide the registration certificate.
The course has a maximum duration of 1 month (30 calendar days), within which 4 days of the course will be done.
No more than 7 days can pass between dives.
If more days are needed, the price for each extra day is 50 euros
Payment for the PADI & SSI Open Water course is due on the first day.

Divers who are certified with us and live on the island will become part of our small family and can dive with us for € 50 a day.

PADI & SSI speciality courses

Equipment specialist (1 day)€ 110
Deep diver speciality (2 días)€ 240
Wreck diver speciality (2 días)€ 250
Search and recovery speciality (2 días) € 240
Night diver Speciality (2 noches) € 230
Peak Performance speciality (1 día) € 150
Underwater photography speciality (1 día)€ 160
Enriched air diver (nitrox) speciality (1 día)€ 130
Driver Propulsion vehicle speciality (1 día) € 175
Emergency O2 provider (1 día) € 100
Emergency first responder (1 día) € 110

Do you have experience in diving? Then maybe the PADI Divemaster is for you.

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