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Montaña Amarilla, Tenerife south

diving montaña amarilla tenerife

Montaña Amarilla Is a rock formation situated in the town of San Miguel, It is a natural protected area with athe colour of the rockface owing to its name, Yellow mountain which changes the intensity of its colour depending on the strength of the sun

As it is a protected area it is a great place for diving or to just relax in the surrounding nature.

Their are concrete platforms designed to blend in with the local area for you to be able to relax and sunbathe, Also you have some walking trails along the mountain or you can head to the water and enter via a ladder.


  • How to arrive by GPS?: Playa de montaña amarilla, Costa del silencio
  • Level: open water diver
  • Maximum depth: 18m
  • Entrance: From the stairs or by a small bathing area

How is the diving in Montaña Amarilla?

Yellow mountain is a peculiar dive site with moon like rock formations snaking into the water.

During the dive we get to see small swim throughs and rock formations towering from the seabed until we arrive at the rock formation which we call the door. The door is situated in approximately 18 metres of depth and is a sight to behold.

During the second dive we stay at a shallower depth and can visit the dune like areas where we can find all kinds of different creatures hiding amongst the rocks.

These areas are ideal for the landscape photography capturing the beautiful rock structures winding out of the sea bed.

  • Fauna: Yellow ray, Atlantic ray,Yellow sponge, Octopus and cuttlefish.
  • Things to bear in mind: Conditions need to be good at this dive site due to the entrance and exit from the ladderinto the water.

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