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MedanoDive – Your dive centre in South Tenerife

Medanodive cancelation policy

At Medanodive we accept cancellations or changes to the reservation date as long as they are 24 hours prior to the start time
* Issues of force majeure such as flight cancellations, illness, traffic accidents, for example, will be considered valid as long as a document is provided as proof.

If you are not punctual for any reason, the team will wait a maximum of 20 minutes and then the wait will not be guaranteed depending on the number of divers and the planning of that day.

In the event that these conditions are not met, the dives will be considered lost. 

If the diver who loses these dives is taking a course, he will have to pay the corresponding part to be able to finish it.

If the diver is a member of the Medanodive residents' club, these dives will be considered used and will be deducted from their personal dive account.

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