Lima steel



Little, flat and ergonomic knife, with a quick fixation/extraction system that prevents the accidental loss of the knife, because to get it from the cover we need to push at the same time two pushers.

The handle is minimalist of plain section, ergonomic and recovered with anti-sliding rubber for a safe grip.

The blade is made of tempered stainless steel 420 with hard chrome recovering, it’s exceptionally hard and resistant, and has an exceptional cutting ability. The features’ duration is guaranteed, not because of the sharp, but of the material’s quality that guarantees the durability of the extreme.

The section of the blade is rhomboidal for a greater resistance to flexion and breaking. One part has flat extreme and the other is partially dented and has a rope cutter.

It can be adapted over the thigh through rubber straps with buckle or on the belt.

Technical features

  • Total length: 170mm.
  • Blade’s length: 71mm.
  • Blade’s width: 22mm.
  • Blade’s thickness: 3mm.
  • Weight (only knife): 70 g.
  • Weight with cover: 105 g.
  • Null buoyancy.

Price in shop €26,5