Las Eras

Las Eras is one of the best dives in Tenerife without a doubt. Just 20 minutes from El Medano we have a dive that you can enjoy from Open Water (with some experience) to experienced divers.

The dive consists of a large wall of volcanic rock that goes from 9 to 18m. This wall has small caves and a swim through which you can pass. Home to a variety of Canarian sealife such as moray eels, octopus, trumpet fish, groupers, etc.

Level: PADI open water diver or similar with some experience

Depth: We have 3 different levels of depth:

9 a 18m: large wall of volcanic rock with a swim through of 10m in length.
18 to 25m: Leaving the first wall and submerging a little more we can access another wall that falls from 18m to 25m.
30m to 36m: If we go through the first level until the end we have a slope that reaches the sandy bottom where we can find a large colony of garden eels and the possibility of seeing large chuchos or angel sharks.

Considerations, Possibility of strong currents at this site.

What can you see at Las Eras?

Chucho negro
Black stingray
Black stingray
Brown morey