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What do you need to know about MedanoDive. It is the result of over 20 years training and working Scuba Diving experience. We have previously worked with some of the best and most successful Scuba diving centres in Europe and Worldwide. During this time we have taken note of the organisation, services provided and listened to what the divers and students actually need and want.
At MedanoDive we have introduced a Scuba diving service which we believe incorporates all the areas required to fulfill all diving expectations. We believe in a small but highly professional service, with each individual diver receiving maximum attention no matter of level or experience.

We offer a varying range of dives for certified divers and adapt our dive planning to cater for the individual diver’s tastes, preferences and requirements. Scuba diving with us means you have input in where we dive and are not just told where you are going. On top of this we keep the dive groups to a maximum of 4 divers per guide which means that everyone has better supervision and a greater chance of seeing everything on a dive.!

When learning to Scuba dive for the first time, continuing your education or becoming a professional diver, there are many factors that can influence your training. We have trained, taught and experienced most of them and as a result we again offer a highly professional but personal education program based on the the knowledge and experience built up over many years of training and working in very busy and successful Scuba diving operations.
We strongly believe in working with individual students throughout courses so that everyone can progress at there own pace and without stress. The instructors are available at all times of training including video and theory exercises. Personal one to one course reviews are conducted at regular intervals of all courses so at the end of each course each student has gained the highest level of training and experience possible. It is not only about gaining your qualification but also learning about the local environment, underwater life and various diving hints and tips which will be valuable for the future.

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We strongly believe in quality not quantity.