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Diving Tabaiba (El Penon) Tenerife North

diving el peñon tabaiba tenerife

In the waters off Tabaiba we have the El Penon wreck, Originally sunk in 2006 to create an artificial reef, The wreck was a tug boat that had spent many years service in the port of Santa Cruz.

PhotoDiving is an incomparable experience with any other, and the seabed is also part of our history. The experience becomes even more interesting when you dive on the wrecks and learn about their history.

If after diving you want to swim or sunbathe their are areas near the wall or the Callao beach, Also here we have the natural pool.


  • Level: advance diver
  • Maximum depth: 35 metres
  • Entrance: Here we have an easy access from some stairs directly into the water  the water or a small ladder at the side of the wall.

How is the diving at El Peñón de Tabaiba?

We start the dive in the swimming area  of Tabaiba where we descend to a depth of about 10 metres before following a tube directly out from the shore until we arrive at El Penon which is situated in approximately 30 metres of water. The wreck is in very good condition and attracts shoals of fish around its body.  Their is a crane on the wreck and it has also been laid out so we can penetrate it. At the start of the wreck we have a monument it is the divers reef, Juan Pedro Herrera..  Here we can find crabs, sea horses and small prawns.

  • Fauna: Cuttlefish Octopus, Garden eels, Barracuda.

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