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Diving Los Abrigos, Tenerife South

buceo los abrigos tenerife

Just 10 minutes from El Médano we have the natural pools of Los Abrigos. An area that attracts the tourists to swim but is also an excellent area to dive. Due to the location this site is a little off track but is well worth the bumpy drive.

Situated in-between La Tejita and Los Abrigos you have a great view of the Red mountain and the Tejita beach.

Once down the small rockface we are ready to enter the water from the cove.

From the beach we have the option of two different dives,  One to the left and the other to the right of the rocky area.

  • To the left we can find the lava rockface that heads down to the sand where we also can see the garden eels in a depth of 20 metres.
  • To the right we can find a volcanic wall that weaves back and forth until we arrive at a beautiful swim through into the caves where the natural pools are and the swimmers above.


  • Level: Scuba diver
  • Depth : 5m a 20m. We can dive to 12 metres here to accomodate Scuba divers.
  • Precautions: This is a great dive site but is difficult to access due to walking with full equipment down the side of the small cliff. 
  • How to arrive : Driving from El Medano to Los Abrigos on the beach road TF – 643 after passing La Mareta the last built up area before Los Abrigos we take a left turn onto the rough ground before arriving at the parking area.Entrance: PTo access the dive site we need to walk from the top of the small hill to the bottom cove. After we enter the water from the cove and begin our dive.

¿How is the diving in Los Abrigos?

Here we have the two dives we can make in Los Abrigos.

The First dive y and deepest is following the cliff underwater to the left before arriving at the sandy bottom where we can see the garden eels in a depth of roughly 20 metres. Also we can see the way the lava has cooled as it entered the water and developed some amazing structures.

The Second dive We head to the right after entering the cove and dive along the wall where we can see sea anemonas and various types of fish before arriving at the natural pools. This is an excellent site for some amazing photos.

  • Fauna: Garden eels, octopus , Moray eels, Cuttle fish and much more.

Things to be aware of: Sometimes their can be large waves.

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