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MedanoDive – Your dive centre in South Tenerife

New to Diving? Diving for beginners

diving begginers tenerife

Tenerife is located near the equator, east of the Atlantic Ocean, and has a warm climate all year round. If we add its great bio-diversity and good visibility underwater, we can say that Tenerife is an excellent place to try dive.

Do you want to do a try dive in Tenerife with real professionals? At Medanodive we are specialists, contact us and we will inform you about everything.

First of all…

What is a try dive or diving baptism?

The baptism of diving or try dive is the first dive of the diver in the sea, and it is carried out with all the diving equipment (neoprene suit, cylinders, masks, fins…).

It is an underwater excursion that lets you experience those first amazing sensations underwater.

The good news is that it is not difficult at all, because the instructor takes care of absolutely everything so that you can relax and enjoy the experience 100%.

How do we do diving for beginners in Tenerife?

January 1, 2019

☞ First meeting

We meet at 8:30 am at Medanodive Dive Center

January 1, 2019
January 1, 2019

🚐 Going to Abades

We’re going to Abades beach in our vehicle

January 1, 2019
January 1, 2019

📝 Small briefing

Small talk where we explain the basics of safe diving

January 1, 2019
January 1, 2019

💦 ¡Let’s go to the water!

We dive together for about 45 minutes enjoying the seabed of Tenerife

January 1, 2019
January 1, 2019

😃 Going back to the dive centre

We return to El Médano after an unforgettable experience

January 1, 2019

At Medanodive we take diving for non-divers very seriously, as this being the first time you will experience the underwater world we want to ensure you have a great time and give you the option of pursuing a certification in the future.

We offer initiation to diving step by step:

  1. First we give a short briefing of about 30 minutes where we explain everything that is necessary to dive safely. For example: the parts of the diving equipment and how to use them; the rules of diving; what can and cannot be done…
  2. Then we try the equipment out of the water. We enter the water by the beach walking and the first time we breathe with the regulator we do it standing up with our face in the water. In this way we gain confidence and relax.
  3. After that we swim a little bit on the surface (like snorkeling) breathing through the regulator to get used to swimming and breathing.
  4. Finally, when everyone feels ready, we descend under the water to only 2 or 3 meters deep, always with the company and help of an instructor.

As we have said before, everything is done step by step and we always wait if someone is not ready.

What about price?

The price of the Try Dive in Tenerife is 75 per person.

At Medanodive we offer a unique price, with no hidden costs.

What is included:

  • Equipment and material
  • Diving insurance
  • Transportation
  • Private Instructor (2 people max. per instructor)

SSI Basic Diver VS Try Dive

If you think that a try dive is too basic for you but you don’t want to do a course, then SSI Basic Diver is your solution.

What are their differences?

The SSI Basic Diver activity can be considered as a try dive but more involved and consists of 3 parts:

  1. The first is a theorical lesson of about 30/40 minutes where we explcain the basics of diving in more detail: how all the equipment works; exercises to be done underwater. This talk can be complemented with the e-learning program “SSI Basic Diver”.
  2. Afterwards there will be two dives. The first one is in shallow water (max. 5 meters) where you will practice some basic diving exercises that will give you more confidence (how to clean a regulator, how to recover a regulator if it comes out of your mouth, how to empty a mask in case water enters).
  3. The second dive is in open water (from 6 to 12 meters) for 45 minutes diving and practicing what we have learned in the first dive (using the BCD, correct body position, handling the equipment, etc).

The beauty of doing the Basic Diver program is that if you fall in love with diving, in addition, at the end of the program you will be registered in the SSI system, and if in the future (maximum 6 months) you want to do the SSI Open Water Diver course you will have the first part of the course validated.

Try dive for children

Remember that the minimum age for diving in Spain is 10 years old.

At Medanodive we have diving equipment suitable for children.

Why choose Medanodive for your first dive in Tenerife

How do we differ from other dive centres?

Medanodive is a small, dive centre and we prefer it this way.

  • We’re not in a hurry because our schedule isn’t saturated with excursions. Punctuality? Always, but then you don’t look at your watch. Do you want to stop for a drink? We’ll stop without a problem. Do you want to rest between dives? We rest without rushing.
  • We do the try dive with an instructor for every 2 people so that we don’t slip on safety and wellbeing,
  • We try to educate people who are new to this sport. We explain to them that the sea life we see are wild, that they are in their natural habitat and that no matter how close they are we should not touch them, much less feed them. At Medanodive we are against “feeding” and we have never practiced it.
  • We offer a personal treatment, that’s why our customers always return.

Where do we do the dives in Tenerife?

Abades (South Tenerife)

All the try dives and courses are carried out in a small town called Abades. It’s 20 minutes by car from El Médano and has perfect conditions for beginners.

It has calm, shallow waters, easy access and lots of marine life that you can see in this video:

What is the local marine wildlife that you can see?

  • submarinismo-abades-tenerife-pez-trompeta

One of the main reasons we go to Abades is because it’s full of life and it’s an incredible place to dive.

The reef is full of pejeverdes, fulas and viejas. We can also find trumpet fish and schools of grunts. In the sand there are many tapaculos, spider fish and lizard fish. Also, if we are lucky and search well we have the possibility to see cuttlefish, octopus, rays and in winter angelsharks.

The island of Tenerife is home to many species such as dolphins, whales, turtles, angelsharks rays, groupers… Since the temperature of its waters ranges from 17 to 24 degrees.

Don’t miss out on the wonderful experience try dive in Tenerife.

Do you want to try? Contact us! 🙂

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