New to Diving?

For people who want to dive and it´s the first time, we have two types of activities to offer.

1- Try dive


The try dive is the most basic of our programmes and consists of two parts.

The first part consists of a small briefing that gives you an understanding of the equipment we use and how it works, some basic rules of diving, and how we are going to conduct the try dive step by step until you feel comfortable enough to step into the water where the fun begins.

The second part consists of a nice shallow dive of 8/10 meters where the instructor will assist the divers with putting the equipment on and adjusting everything for the divers so you can spend more time gazing at our beautiful underwater world, whilst our instructor stays by your side throughout the entire dive to show you the sea life and give help as needed.

With doing the try dive you get to enjoy underwater pictures online because we think everyone should have a nice memory with Medanodive.

Price: € 60 (insurance, equipment and photos included)


2- PADI Discover scuba diving

The PADI DSD consists of 3 parts.

The first part is a briefing of about 30/40 minutes where the basics of diving are explained more carefully and what exercises we are going to carry out. During this briefing we will use the Discover scuba diving guide

After this we start with the first of two dives.

The first dive is in shallow water (max 6 meters) where the basic diving skills are practiced to give the diver more confidence and dexterity in the water.

The second dive is an open water dive between 6-12 meters and roughly about 45 minutes where we can practice what we have learned in the first dive and of course get to see some great sea life and some even better memories.

The beauty of doing the Discover scuba diver program is that if you fall in love with diving and wish to go on to do your open water course within the next 12 months, then you will already be on the PADI database and you will have the first part of the course validated.

Price: € 90 (insurance, equipment and discover scuba diving guide included)

It’s worth more an image than a thousand words so if you want to know what all this is about, take a look at this video:

Where do we do this type of dives?

All the try dives and courses are carried out in a small town called Abades. It’s 20 minutes by car from El Medano and has perfect conditions for beginners. It has calm, shallow waters, easy access and  lots of marine life that you can see in this video.