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Diving El Porís de Abona, Tenerife south

diving el poris de abona tenerife

El Poris de Abona is a small village which is part of the municipality of Arico. El Poris  was a small fishing village which over the years has grown to approximately 2000 inhabitants. It is situated on the South east of the island.

El Porís has various areas for swimming with beaches and a harbour wall from where the children jump into the sea and the rocks next to the wall where you can usually see the fishermen.

Its an ideal place for diving with some great marine life.

When you finish diving you can enjoy pne of the restaurants in the village, As a reccomendation we would have to mention the excellent  fish you can eat in the village alongside the canarian cuisine of canarian potatoes and mojo sauce., And of course a good canarian wine.


  • How to arrive ny  GPS: Port of Poris El, Porís
  • Level: open water diver / advance diver
  • Maximum depth: 18m / 30m
  • Entrance: From the wall or down the stairs, Or a giant stride from the harbour wall

How is the diving in El Porís?

In Porís we have a great volcanic wall which we follow down to a depth of 30 metres with small caves and large verticals.We can find a small statue of the Virgin Mary on top of one of the rocks. 

Their is also a large sandy area where we have the opportunity to see turtles if we are lucky.

  • Fauna: Green turtle, Octopus, Cuttlefish, Black Ray, Anemona, Nudibranches.
  • Things to bear in mind: Sometimes we can expect strong currents.

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