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Diving Bocacangrejo, El Rosario, Tenerife North

diving bocacangrejo tenerife

Bocacangrejo is just a 15-minute drive from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the island’s capital. Bocacangrejo belongs to the municipal area of El Rosario.

It is a scattered  little town, its houses were built on the edge of the rocks and it seems that they almost touch the water, in fact on occasions when we  have had bad  storms the waves have reached the windows of the houses. As you can imagine, The front-line apartments can get you excellent views of the Ocean


  • Level: open diver / advance diver
  • Maximum depth: 18m / 35m
  • Entrance: from a small rocky beach There must be good conditions.

How is the diving in El Rosario?

Rocky bottom with different volcanic reefs, As you descend you arrive at a sandy area with garden eels. Its possible to see different rays and the local sealife we enjoy here in the Canaries.

  • Fauna: Octopus, Cuttlefish, Barracuda, Nudibranches, Moray eels.
  • Things to keep in mind.: The dive entrance can be difficult and sometime

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