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Diving Alcalá, Tenerife south

diving alcala tenerife

Alcalá is a coastal town in the area of Guia De Asora. Its situated in the South West of the island. If we had to describe Alcala in a few words it would be that it has the best of the north and the best of the south of the Island. You have the rocky cliffs of Los Gigantes in the near distance but the heat of the south.

Furthermore it is a area of little wind and with not too much tourism it is a relaxing area.

With a relaxing area to sunbate and beds for only 2 euros 50 for the day and a beautiful swimming area with easy access it is a hidden gem. ando a unas rocas volcánicas alrededor de las cuales podrás disfrutar de una increíble fauna marina.

Alcala is a small town but has plenty to keep you busy, Around the plaza you have cafes where you can sit back and take a coffee and restaurants if you wish to try the local cuisine.

In the distance you can see La Gomera sitting on the nhorizon, Also did you know that swimmer David Meca swam from La Gomera to Tenerife, A distance of 44kms in only 8 hours.


  • How to arrive by GPS: Alcala port
  • Level: scuba diver
  • Maximum depth: 13 metres
  • Entrance: From the port or by using the stairs or by a giant stride.

How is the diving in Alcalá?

We have 2 large volcanic reefs with different arches and caves we can explore.with shoals of Roncadores swimming idily by, To arrive at the reefs we only have to head straight out following a line of buoys. We have the option of diving anywhere in the bay with excellent conditions and great rocky landscape.

  • Fauna: Yellow rays, green turtle,Morays, Octopus,Cuttlefish.
  • Things to bear in mind: Sometimes we can have some swell.

Our diving offer in Tenerife

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