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Diving in Abades

diving abades tenerife

Abades is an exceptional dive site we havehere on the island and is by far the most popular with Scuba divers and snorkellers alike. Only15 minutes from El Médano and located in a protected bay we can enjoy calm waters and little to no currents.

Due to the perfect conditions and depth Abades is an excellent site to conduct courses or to try diving for the first time.The town is loacted in the municipaliy of Arico and is full of history.On arrival to Abades the first thing that will greet you is the church up on the hillside which is only partially constructed.

Leprosy hit the island hard in the 30s-40s, To this end in 1943 it was decided to build a sanatorium, a church, a crematorium and some wards.The project was never finished as science won the battle against Leprosy and a cure was found.

After some time it became used for military training and to this day the military use the area for helicopter drills amongst other things.With the construction of the Tenerife south airport in the 80s and the motorway TF1 Abades became an area for camping built up with wooden cabins which were later burned.

Abades is a marine reserve and to this end we find a lot of the various Canarian fish and also in the right season we have the opportunity to see the endangered angelsharks.Looking to the right side we see Abades mountain from where we can enjoy  different dive areas in the Abades region.

In Abades we can start our dives from two different points.

1. Abades beach

  • Level: Scuba diver / open water diver / advance diver.
  • Depth:  In Abades we have the opportunity to dive varying depths but this site is ideal for shallow reef dives.
  1. 1st Reef: At The first reef which is located close to the shore their is a beautiful reef that goes from 3-8 metres. 
  2. 2nd Reef: Leaving the first reefand crossing the sand we arrive at the second reef where we can see the cave where the trumpet fish live and if we push further on we arrive at the anchor which is situated in about 16 metres of water.
  • How to arrive with GPS: Playa de Abades, Abades
  • Entrance: From the beach.

How are the dives from Abades beach?

Abades is a great marine reserve where we can find different eco-systems and an abundance of life.

During the dives from Abades passing from the 1st and 2nd reef (Also a third reef for experienced divers with Deep dive speciality) we can expect to see a vast amount of the different  types of fish, octopus, rays and on occasion Angel sharks and turtles.that inhabit the watersaround the Canary Islands.

The green turtles can be seen eating the sea grass in the shallow warm waters and as wild animals we treat them with the respect that they deserve and enjoy their company from a small distance where we can take photos without disturbing them.

  • Fauna: Green turtle, Garden eels, Rays, Angelsharks, Barracuda, Nudibranch, Octopus.
  • Things to bear in mind: During strong winds we can expect some surge.

2. Abades mountain

  • How to get there: DHeading to the right as you face the sea you pass through a camping area heading to the bay situated next to the mountain.
  • Level: open water diver
  • Maximum depth: 18m
  • Entrance: From a rocky beach, This dive is only conducted during high tide due to the rocky entrance and exit.

How is Abades mountain?

Here we have the option of two different dive sites.

If we go to the right we have the wall of Abades mountain until we reach the sandy bottom. Here we can find arches and shoals of Roncadores.

If we go to the left we can find various caves and arches.

  • Fauna: Black stingray, Yellow stingray, Angelsharks, Roncadores, Green turtle and much more.
  • Things to bear in mind: The entrance can be a little tricky unless we enter during high tide. Sometimes we can experience some current.

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