Abades is another exceptional dive site here in Tenerife  that it is only 15 minutes away from El Medano.

Thanks to how the bay is oriented, we can enjoy calm waters without strong currents during most of the year. Its shallow waters and sandy bottoms make it perfect for courses, Try dives  and snorkeling.

Abades is a great nursery for reef fish like pejeverdes, fulas and viejos. On the reefs you will see hundreds of alebines swimming in groups. In the sandy bottoms it is common to see the yellow pooch and in breeding season (from November to February) it is a breeding area of ​​Angelshark, the emblematic shark of the Canary Islands (a species in critical danger of extinction).

Level: No degree is necessary.

Depth: In Abades we have many possibilities in which to dive:

1st reef:  Just a few meters from the beach we find a small volcanic rock reef that goes from 3 to 8 meters.  Around the reef we have a sandy bottom with large sebadales.

2nd reef:  Leaving the first reef and crossing the sandy bottom for a few minutes we reach the second reef.  This reef is between 7 and 12 meters and has a small cave where a large number of trumpet fish abound.

At the end of the reef we find sandy bottoms and a large anchor between rocks in the form of a monument (16 meters).

Entering the right side of the Abades beach and following the coast to the right we have a small reef that goes from 3 to 10 meters which is ideal for try dives  and snorkeling.

What can we see in Abades?

Commun stingray
Green turtle
Sea bream
Trumpetfish cave
Torpedo ray
First reef